1979 Bronco

Complete Body Off Frame Restoration
Ford 400 Fuel Injected, Custom Headers, Custom Covers, Classic Gauges, Vintage Air, Custom glass, Super Lift, Rear end 9″ Ford Pro, Radiator custom polished, Sway bars Custom, Fuel tank Stainless, Stereo System Pioneer, Custom Wheels, Custom Exhaust Stainless, Custom Leather Interior, Custom Dash, and PPG paints.



  1. Alec Czaplicki

    I am really interested in purchasing this. Price???

    • D & D Specialty Cars

      Thanks for reaching out to us, Alec, and we’re flattered that you like our work, but this particular 1979 Ford Bronco is not one that we built to sell, it was a complete body off frame restoration we were hired for by the owner of the vehicle and they have not put a value on it yet to our knowledge. That said, we could build one just like it for you for around $100,000 depending on the parts you choose.

  2. Gabriel Medina

    Awesome Bronco! I have a 79 how long did it take for this build?

  3. Allen Blakely

    I have found my late father’s ’79 F250 in a barn. Just curious on what the owner of the Broncho spent to get it to this shape. My truck has extreme sentimental value and I want it done right.

  4. GG

    Do you have more pics of the inside or engine? I am looking at having my Bronco restored and wanted to see more of your work. Thanks!

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